Germany’s Dedication to Data Privacy

Germany is working toward being the most secure digital data site in the world. But as the world’s citizens knit together in networks that aren’t confined within geopolitical borders, the governments of individual countries with strong values face complex legal and trade-related issues when trying to assert them. A serious emphasis on privacy is embedded… Read More Germany’s Dedication to Data Privacy

New Markets in an Ancient Land – Localizing in Persian

Nearly 80 million people inhabit Iran, the second largest country in the Middle East, and years of trade restrictions have limited that enormous consumer population’s connection to international products. Businesses in the west hoped for an explosion of trade after the nuclear-program-related trade sanctions of 2012 were lifted in early 2016, but that has not… Read More New Markets in an Ancient Land – Localizing in Persian

Is the Spanish of Argentina the Sexiest?

The failure of European Spanish as a one-size-fits-all language for every Spanish-speaking country in the world is illustrated by a trend in the publishing industry. Independent Spanish publishers are seeking markets beyond Europe, in both the U.S. and Latin America, since financial recovery in Spain has been slow. Interestingly both the Spanish language used and… Read More Is the Spanish of Argentina the Sexiest?

India — Marketing in Babel

With over one billion people speaking 780 languages that use 86 scripts*, India clearly presents staggering marketing challenges. Add to its size and diversity the digital immersion of its citizens, and the picture begins to come into view of an enormous population of potential buyers for which the traditional western buying infrastructure may be obsolete. While… Read More India — Marketing in Babel

Better, faster, more: translation speed reality

What are the mechanics of translation and how long does the full process take? While it has transformed from a discipline practiced by individual linguists and academics, into a hi-tech industry exponentially improved by specialized technology, translation still requires highly trained, multi-lingual human minds. And that means it takes time. A person unfamiliar with the… Read More Better, faster, more: translation speed reality