Germany’s Dedication to Data Privacy

Germany is working toward being the most secure digital data site in the world. But as the world’s citizens knit together in networks that aren’t confined within geopolitical borders, the governments of individual countries with strong values face complex legal and trade-related issues when trying to assert them. A serious emphasis on privacy is embedded… Read More Germany’s Dedication to Data Privacy

Face-to-Face with the World – Skype’s Translator

Skype has invited its users to try a “Preview” version of their Translator product and provide feedback. The program is available for face-to-face, real-time audio/video conversations in four languages so far: English, Spanish, Mandarin and Italian, with more on the way. Instant Messaging (IM) is available in over 45 languages, from Dutch to Hindi to… Read More Face-to-Face with the World – Skype’s Translator

Apple’s ‘Swift Language’ and the Global Marketplace

In the dynamic currents of globalization, new products influence the market’s demands, and market demand influences product development. A case in point at the most fundamental level, is Apple’s newly introduced programming language, Swift, and companion Xcode6 mobile app building toolkit. Swift’s introduction in June of this year has been met with appreciation by iOS… Read More Apple’s ‘Swift Language’ and the Global Marketplace

Localization: Targeting Africa

Consumer goods markets in African countries are rapidly expanding due to numerous factors: population growth and urbanization, emergence of a middle class and shrinking poverty levels, youthful demography, vast natural resources and inward investment, improved business and trade environment, and expanded use of technology. For exporters to Africa, the good news is strong, but challenges… Read More Localization: Targeting Africa

Machine Translation is not Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most popular instant translation systems available online, and while it is certainly a type of “machine translation,” it’s quite a different tool than those used in certain situations by professional language service providers (LSPs)such as Skrivanek. To generate translations, Google Translate (GT) searches millions of sentences for comparable patterns… Read More Machine Translation is not Google Translate