Global Planning needs Local Knowledge

  The reality of international expansion for any company is that the strategies developed for one country may be ineffective in another. The millions of people in untapped markets all over the world may in fact represent future customers, but there are unique and numerous obstacles presented by each distinct cultural group.  Specific local knowledge… Read More Global Planning needs Local Knowledge

New ISO Standard for Translation Services in Place

ISO 17100:2015 was published on May 1, 2015, and the content looks a lot like its predecessor, EN 15038:2006. The core of the standard is established via definitions of various translation processes: translation, revision, review, proofreading, and final verification are delineated, as they were in EN 15038. Advancing slightly beyond EN 15038, ISO 17100 also… Read More New ISO Standard for Translation Services in Place

QA Tools Enable Unparalleled Accuracy

Before translation agencies present final drafts to their clients, Quality Assurance (QA) tasks are performed – some by human beings alone, some by humans with the assistance of QA software. Activities such as proofreading and double-checking terminology with clients are QA methods that contribute to the linguistic excellence of the final draft and cannot be… Read More QA Tools Enable Unparalleled Accuracy

Beside The Seaside – Skrivanek at the 2014 ATC Conference

This was the first time the Association of Translation Companies had held its annual conference outside London and if it was a gamble then it certainly paid off! In late September Brighton offers conference goers a combination of the traditional tranquil end of season at the British seaside and the vibrant multicultural atmosphere which is… Read More Beside The Seaside – Skrivanek at the 2014 ATC Conference