India — Marketing in Babel

With over one billion people speaking 780 languages that use 86 scripts*, India clearly presents staggering marketing challenges. Add to its size and diversity the digital immersion of its citizens, and the picture begins to come into view of an enormous population of potential buyers for which the traditional western buying infrastructure may be obsolete. While… Read More India — Marketing in Babel

Skrivanek Opens New Branch in Austria

Skrivanek Group opens its 17th branch abroad, in Vienna, Austria. “The Austrian business market is sophisticated,” said the company’s founder, Pavel Skrivanek. “We believe that our customized, high quality language services are needed and will be valued, at both the corporate and the consumer levels.” Skrivanek’s experience opening new offices abroad since its inception in… Read More Skrivanek Opens New Branch in Austria

Localization: Targeting Africa

Consumer goods markets in African countries are rapidly expanding due to numerous factors: population growth and urbanization, emergence of a middle class and shrinking poverty levels, youthful demography, vast natural resources and inward investment, improved business and trade environment, and expanded use of technology. For exporters to Africa, the good news is strong, but challenges… Read More Localization: Targeting Africa

Traditional or Simplified? On Mainland China, Simplify.

The population of mainland China is well over one billion now*, and millions of people in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong and widespread overseas communities also speak Chinese. But this single language is represented by two different written languages, “Traditional” Chinese, and “Simplified.” Adopted in 1949 in order to increase literacy and ease communication… Read More Traditional or Simplified? On Mainland China, Simplify.

It’s Fast and It’s Free: Fansubbing

In China, prolonged economic growth, the internet, censorship and a generation of educated young adults have bred an entirely new kind of translator: the fansubber. Translating foreign media without any financial reward, the fansubber’s motive seems to be a passion for broadening Chinese horizons, according to writer Xiaochun Zhang (Mulitlingual Magazine). Fansubbers form networks of… Read More It’s Fast and It’s Free: Fansubbing