Translating Valuable Market Data

If you’ve hesitated to take your products into unknown markets, you may have been acting on good instincts. Until you understand the people you intend to sell to, your marketing efforts can be more than a waste of time and money – they can alienate customers by making them feel you don’t know who they are.

Market research today is a global, multi-media operation, with language at the core. Your basic goal is to gather information about potential customers through well-designed questions. But it is important to remember that you must also make sure that the survey or interview experience is smooth and enjoyable for your participants.

Market research translation

Experienced market research translation support can make all the difference in this important connection. Translating surveys requires linguists who know your target market extremely well. The profile of questions you have developed in your primary language will garner useful answers only if the translations inspire interest and trust. And often within a single country there are multiple languages, dialects, and demographics you want to understand, so translators must be sensitive to the differences.

If you are using telephone interviews, you will want the transcripts translated back into your primary language with flawless accuracy. Similarly, voice-over of pre-recorded telephone interviews requires flawless, tonally appropriate translation in order to sound natural to your interviewees.

The web-enabled surveys that you will likely use require technical expertise as well. Coding and software specialists are essential to the creation of online features that perform perfectly. In fact, translation of technology-driven research tools demands a team of linguists, tech specialists, and project management. Together they take your basic research tools and transcreate them into market research “machines” for your target markets.

Once research is completed, translation of the data for use in your market analysis must be precise and organized. Often there is also a tight-turnaround time for this content – experienced market research translators work fast to ensure that you have what you need for your own deadlines. Market research translation is a specialized area of translation, with specific solutions. Watching over all the pieces is as important a role as any in this complex, dynamic field. For that reason, the best results occur when experienced Market Research Project Managers oversee every step of the translation of your research tools and data.

J. V. McShulskis

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