We are in the Nimdzi 100 ranking of the largest Language Services Providers in the world

Again this year, Skrivanek’s place is secure on the prestigious Nimdzi Top 100 list of Language Service Providers. Always expanding our areas of expertise, and optimizing the effectiveness of both our technology and our human talent, Skrivanek’s growth continues.


Nimdzi identifies LSPs with annual revenue of USD 10 million, using in-country experts to help gather all relevant data. Companies comprising this top 100 produce 14.5% of the total industry revenue.

The research behind the Nimdzi list is also mined for trends involving technology, company capacities, booming specializations, evolving buying patterns, global growth areas for the industry, and many more issues. These insights are helpful to LSP success, which is the stated goal of market research company Nimdzi.

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