Translators United-ATC Conference 2015!

Just a few thoughts on the Association of Translators annual conference 2015 (aka the 2015 Language Industry Summit) which took place at the end of last month in Manchester. The organizers took a slight gamble with both the venue and location for this year’s event.


On both counts their gamble paid off, heading to the North of England for the first time ever encouraged many LSPs ( language service providers) from that part of the world to participate and the setting of Old Trafford could not be faulted, first class facilities and highly professional staff.

From my point of view as Skrivanek’s UK Account Manager it was a great opportunity to meet some of our UK based clients ”in the flesh”, thank them for their loyalty and gather very useful feedback for our production team.

Delegates came from a wide variety of backgrounds within the industry from representatives of the largest MLVs (multi language vendors) globally, through medium sized and smaller LSPs to self employed translators and those from an academic background. As always the presentations were relevant, based on industry experience and most importantly made sense to an audience which could easily identify with much of the content.

Innovations for this year were the ATC Language Industry Summit Awards which were the highlight of the Gala Dinner. The awards complete with nominations, presentations and trophies were announced in I would say a spirit of friendly rivalry. I’m sure they will become an annual institution.

So, the two days flew by all too quickly and it was soon time to pack up and head home. I called this piece “Translators (Manchester) United” as the atmosphere always seems to be so relaxed and supportive, participants were genuinely willing to share their views and experience whatever their background. If they happened to make a useful new contact or even a sale then that was a bonus. Given this year’s venue I think we can say that for two sunny days at the end of September at least translators really were united!

Joe Atkinson

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