Apple’s ‘Swift Language’ and the Global Marketplace

In the dynamic currents of globalization, new products influence the market’s demands, and market demand influences product development. A case in point at the most fundamental level, is Apple’s newly introduced programming language, Swift, and companion Xcode6 mobile app building toolkit.

swift-heroSwift’s introduction in June of this year has been met with appreciation by iOS app developers, because Objective-C, the language it will replace, is said to be difficult to learn and to work with. More iOS apps, improved apps, and apps for new markets seem an almost certain result of Swift, with stimulus to related localization and translation.

The following internationalization improvements are a few of the Swift/Xcode6 features prompted by feedback from the global marketplace:

~ New localizations: Hindi, Indian English, Canadian French, and Hong Kong Chinese
~ New keyboards: Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, Indian English, Filipino, and Slovenian
~ Lunar calendar support, in addition to Gregorian
~ More complex time interval formatters

Inevitably, such elements affect your access to foreign customers using iOS, as well as your localization and translation choices in those markets.

Hundreds of thousands of apps have been developed for both iOS and Android mobile devices. However in 2012, Apple iOS lost its market advantage globally to Google’s Android, in part because Android is not bound to a single device, and Apple devices are usually more expensive, explaining iOS popularity in 38 countries that are more developed. Swift and Xcode6 seem in part a bid to secure and expand Apple’s market share.

For a world map of operating system preferences, country by country, go to International Business Times:

J. McShulskis

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