Clients will spend more on products marketed in their own language

Are you coping with the challenges of expanding into foreign markets?

This research from Common Sense Advisory on how language affects purchasing behaviors may interest you:

There is very strong link between product information in the local language and the client’s likelihood of buying the product.

  • 72.1% of clients spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language.
  • 72.4% of clients said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language.

Furthermore, over half of clients are willing to pay more if they receive product information in their own languages.

A study based on a Gallup survey of language preferences [PDF] among internet users in 23 E.U. countries by the EU revealed some remarkably similar findings:

  • Nine out of 10 Internet users said that, when given a choice of languages, they always visited a website in their own language.
  • 42% said they never buy products and services in other languages.

So even though English remains the lingua franca for now and many Europeans understand it, translated materials that make a direct connection to your clients in their native tongues virtually guarantee higher sales.

These clear figures are pretty conclusive evidence: the time to translate is now, and with a good LSP it’s an easy, exciting business move.

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