Web Experience Management

From Customer to Cloud and Back in an Instant

All day every day people are not only consuming data, they are also creating it. Through social media, product commentary, blogging and of course the act of shopping, human beings all over the world are involved in multi-channel conversations about every imaginable topic. They are not only producing information you can access for marketing, it’s data that more and more you can’t afford to ignore.

The term Web Experience Management (WEM) refers to the process of capturing all of that information to create the two-way conversation—in real time, across all devices –that marketing is becoming. Employing both new tools and new paradigms, WEM is industry jargon for technology that funnels user-generated information into your hands and then back as instant feedback to guide your customer through a personalized journey on your website. Today static, unresponsive blocks of marketing that do not “intuitively” answer a customer’s questions before they’ve even asked them already run the risk of losing their attention.

But the fact that the amount of content in your company’s advertising stream increases by 100% every time you add a language means that translation, too (along with editing and corrections), must benefit from cloud scalability and be a 24/7 activity in which all tasks can be done at once. In fact, that is exactly the direction that the cloud is moving the translation of user generated content. Online communities generating details about everything from their whims to their budgets are creating files of information that in turn can be translated through machine translation in an instant . With so much expansive change, it could be that anything imaginable in global advertising will become possible.

J. McShulskis

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