Skrivanek Opens New UK Office


Skrivanek’s London office doors are open, expanding our on-site language services into a region of high growth and demand.

“British business has always thrived on export and although the UK translation market is highly competitive we believe we have the expertise and experience to meet the needs of companies operating in a global market,” says Joe Atkinson, UK Key Account Manager for Skrivanek, who will head up the London office. “We believe it will be a great benefit to our UK clients both existing and new to have a local point of contact for all their language translation requirements.”

Best known for being the market leader in Central and East European languages, Skrivanek provides all major world languages to its clients around the world.

“We are proud of our roots in Central Europe and still operate an unparalleled branch structure across the region with all the benefits that brings,” says Pavel Skrivanek, founder and CEO of Skrivanek Group. “These days, however, we have a truly global reach with offices in Berlin, New York, Moscow and several other cities worldwide.”

Joe Atkinson reports that hundreds of clients across the UK have discussed their translation needs with him in his role as Key Account Manager. From small firms to global corporations, they want to be able to explain their needs to and receive feedback from a provider who speaks their language. 

Skrivanek has prepared thoroughly for a move designed to cement relationships with UK client links developed over 20 years, while also forging new ones through our competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

Tel: 020 329 3256

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