The Universal Aviation Language: English

In the interest of safe skies, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) promotes flight communication in one standardized language. It’s called Aviation English. Since the 1940s English has been the primary language of communication in aviation. But over the years, as air travel increased exponentially, the lack of a required, standardized English for the industry became increasingly… Read More The Universal Aviation Language: English

Skrivanek Partners Deliver Best Revenues Ever in 2020

Here in the early months of 2021, some facts about 2020 are coming into focus. One of those facts is that the LSPs that form the client base of Skrivanek’s B2B activity were busy and successful last year. Despite COVID, revenues from our LSP clients were the highest ever. Many of these companies – major LSPs… Read More Skrivanek Partners Deliver Best Revenues Ever in 2020

Global Sales Manager Jaroslava Ouzká Evaluates 2020

It goes without saying that 2020 scrambled global business expectations and patterns. Different industries fared differently, and some companies suffered while others flourished. Global Sales Manager Jaroslava Ouzka answers questions about the pandemic year in review. How did our staff and our clients handle the challenges? What does Jaroslava see ahead in 2021? Did you… Read More Global Sales Manager Jaroslava Ouzká Evaluates 2020

Ecolinguistics, Translation, and Planet Earth

Language is the primary medium humans use to capture and share what we experience. Translation is the art of carrying a message created in one language to the speakers of another language. Language and translation knit humans around the world together for a myriad of causes. But what about the world itself? “Ecolinguistics” refers today… Read More Ecolinguistics, Translation, and Planet Earth

Localization in India – Five Major Considerations

Linguistic diversity is a defining feature of the nation that’s poised to edge out the US as the second largest economy in the world: India. One of the most long-lasting investments you can make for your business in this thriving market is product localization for some of those languages. However, it must be well-informed and… Read More Localization in India – Five Major Considerations